Requirements for Doing Business with PHA

The Paterson Housing Authority (PHA) objective is to obtain within applicable Federal Standards, HUD Regulations and State law, the maximum value for the Authority in our purchases, as well as encourage qualified Paterson based business to participate in the bid process.  Quality, price and delivery are the main consideration in our purchases and we encourage vendors to work with us to achieve those ends.  Construction contracts involve the following categories of work:

  • Plumbing/gas fitting and similar work
  • Steam power plants/steam and hot water heating and ventilating apparatus
  • Non-electrical work
  • Structural steel and ornamental iron work

If a bidder intends to subcontract any of the above categories of work, the bidder must complete the relevant portion of the bid form by specifically identifying each subcontractor that will perform work in any of the listed trade categories.   The bidder must be prepared to demonstrate that each of his listed and identified subcontractors are qualified to perform the specific work for which they are listed on the bid form.

Both Request For Proposals (RFPs) and Invitation for Bids (IFBs) that are publicly advertised may be picked up at our Central Office located at 60 Van Houten Street during office hours of 9 AM until 4 PM, Monday through Friday.  The vendor should read carefully the documents and comply with the exact requirements requested.  Some standard requirements include the following:

  • Bid Delivery – Return your bid on or before the date and exact time specified.  Your bid will not be considered for evaluation if received subsequent to the specified date and time.
  • Signature – Original signatures signed in ink are required.
  • Brand Name Alternatives – When a brand is used in an IFB to acquaint the bidder with the type and function of the commodity, and an alternate is proposed by the bidder, an explanation for the advantages of the substitution must be provided in the appropriate space in the bid proposal.
  • Affirmative Action – All bidders must submit a complete Affirmative Action Statement that was provided in the IFB.
  • Affidavit of Minority Business Compliance – All bidders must submit a complete Affidavit of Minority Business Compliance.
  • Non Collusive Affidavit – All bidders must submit a completed Non-Collusive Affidavit.
  • Representations, Certifications & Other Statements (HUD 5369A)
  • Statement of Bidder’s Qualification
  • A 5% Bid bond for Construction Contracts, or a 10% Bid Bond for all other contract types.  This would consist of either a Surety Bid Bond or a cashier’s check or certified check to ensure that if selected by the Authority, the successful vendor will enter into a contract to provide the good and/or service.
  • Certificate of Insurance that would indicate the vendor is properly covered for performance of the work.
  • Statement of Compliance – Wages.  This signifies that the vendor will pay the applicable federally mandated wages to his employees.
  • In the case of construction contracts, at least 34% of the construction contract must be completed by the General Contractor.
  • Ownership Disclosure.  In accordance with State statue, all partnerships corporations are required to disclose with their bid the names and addresses of all owners holding 10% or more of the firm’s stock or interest.

Any bid received by the PHA after the date and time specified in the RFP or the IFB will not be included in the bid evaluation process.  The public is invited to attend the advertised bid opening.  Following the bid opening, the bid are reviewed in detail and normally completed within a few days.  A resolution is then presented to the Board of Commissioners recommending the award of a contract to the successful bidder.  The Board of Commissioners holds a public meeting at least once a month.

For complex professional service contracts, an evaluation committee reviews the proposals and recommends the contract award to the Executive Director who makes the final determination.  As stated above, a resolution is then prepared for the Board of Commissioners.

Normally the bidder with the lowest price and who is responsive to our bid requirements will be awarded the contract.  These bid packages will be reviewed by staff and subsequently submitted to Corporate Counsel for review.  If the Housing Authority’s Board of Commissioners approves the resolution, the lowest responsible bidder will be notified.

After notice of contract award is sent to the vendor, various documents must be reviewed and signed by both parties before the service is provided or the goods are delivered.  Insurance Certificates and, in the case of a construction contract, a Performance bond is required, as well as the signed contractual agreement.

For more information regarding Doing Business with The Paterson Housing Authority, please contact the Purchasing Unit at (973) 345-5658.

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