Family Self Sufficiency (FSS) Program

The FSS Program is designed to coordinate housing assistance with public and private resources to enable assisted families to achieve economic self-sufficiency.  Emphasis is to get the head of household employed; however, all adult family members are welcome.  The increase in the household income helps the family becoming self-sufficient and achieving economic independence.  A portion of the increase in rent will go into an escrow savings account for the tenant.  This is the primary objective of the FSS Program.

The FSS program is a binding agreement between the Paterson Housing Authority and the tenant, who is the head of the household.  The tenant establishes (3) goals to achieve within a five (5) year period.  The Family Self-Sufficiency Coordinator assists the tenant in reaching those three goals by referrals or providing the necessary support services.  The tenant seeks and maintains employment and as the rent increases, HUD housing assistance establishes an escrow savings account for that tenant.  The account is set up by a portion of the increase in the family’s rent (earned income from employment); this will be credited to the family as a savings account.  When you accomplish all three goals you set for yourself, before the expiration date of the contract, the tenant will be eligible for the escrow funds.

For more information regarding the FSS Program, please contact the FSS Coordinator at (973) 345-5635.

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