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Jun 2023
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This event aims to provide valuable information and resources to individuals and families looking to transition from renting to homeownership using their Section 8 Voucher.


The HCV Homeownership Program is a housing assistance program designed to help individuals and families with low income who receive Section 8 to become homeowners. The program offers an opportunity to expand housing options for voucher recipients and promote self-sufficiency.

During the event, you will have the opportunity to learn about the HCV Homeownership Program and its eligibility criteria. The eligibility criteria typically include factors such as income limits, employment requirements, and compliance with program regulations.

Additionally, the event will cover special financial resources available to participants in the HCV Homeownership Program. This may include down payment assistance, closing cost assistance, and homebuyer education programs. These resources seek to make homeownership more affordable and accessible for eligible individuals and families.

To attend the event, you will need to register by June 16, 2023, through the Eventbrite website (www.eventbrite.com). The registration will require providing your contact information, and additional details required by the event organizer.

  • The workshop will cover the following topics:
  • Home-buying Process


  • Understanding the eligibility requirements for Section 8 homeownership.
  • Voucher Conversion & Understanding the financial aspects of homeownership.
  • Finding a suitable property and conducting inspections.
  • Understanding homeownership responsibilities and ongoing costs.


  • Section 8 Voucher Obligations and Policies
    • Understanding the rights and responsibilities of voucher recipients.
    • Complying with program regulations and requirements.
    • Reporting changes in income, household composition, or other relevant information.
    • Dealing with issues related to lease agreements and landlord-tenant relationships.
    • Navigating the annual recertification process.


These workshop topics will provide valuable information and resources to individuals and families interested in purchasing a home through the HCV Homeownership Program and those seeking clarity on the obligations and policies associated with Section 8 Vouchers.


If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact 973-345-5080.


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